Just got back from meeting a friend of my moms. We started talking bikes and then he took me to his shop, and it was insane. All classics, anything you could dream of. Eddy Merxx, Olmo, Trek, Alan, Weigle, and modern builders too like Ellis. Here is a stack of frames ready to be built up all from makers you wish you owned. Not exactly commuting bikes but cycle nirvana regardless. Next weeks blog posts are pretty much covered from this one trip. This ones a teaser for ya!

Head over to my man Keiths’ webternetz site for more (much better) photos from the pizza crawl.

Last yesterday was the Pizza Ride IV as a part of biek weak. Of course things turned epik pretty fast. Ton’s of bikes, za, and foolishness. Another Monday down.


Good deeds need to be done. Really this was simply annoying me as I looked at how poorly this bike was locked to the post in front of Lift coffeeshop. Soon I realized the front wheel (and subsequently the tire) was installed backwards and the brakes were poorly adjusted. So if this is your bike 1.)Lock it up better and 2.) If you came out and wondered why it all of a sudden worked better, it’s because your front wheel has been installed correctly. Check out the before pictures and lock job below:

Street Scene. Green Mixte

Street scene! 26″ with slicks.

I don’t really know if these people were a couple or not but they were spotted in front of Shields Market last night enjoying the weather and utilizing their baskets to procure some provisions for a relaxing evening in the city. What better way to do so than on the saddle of your bicycle. Try that in Chesterfield.