What ever happened to?

…….Look, I don’t even know if people will want to read these ramblings at this point. While traveling back in time through my own blogroll I realized so many of the “bike boom” blogs of the 00’s and 10’s have gone by the wayside. Perhaps this medium has become obsolete, I don’t actually know, I’m still using Facebook like it hasn’t swayed elections and riled our collective consciousness with divisive talk and wedge issues.


Point is, the sustainability of the bike blogger seems to be more on spec with the durability of Lance Armstrong’s career or a high end crabon frame than the well known indestructible nature of real “STEEL” and 10-speed suntour gruppos. And why should these things last anyway? I look over the past 5-7 years between regular posts here and my own renewed interest and I can say a with certainty things really have changed. We’ve hit that moment where cycle commuting HAS become part of the conversation around urban transport but don’t expect a critical mass or amazing sea change. Indeed that’s how we know this has worked…..it’s just like anything else, we ride a bike to get places, and what bike you ride doesn’t really matter (unless your a bike nerd like me). Bike lanes and sharrows seemingly are everywhere, just look at how angry the cagers get about all the infrastructure being dedicated to cyclists. UPROAR! PITCHFORKS!

But you certainly don’t need to hear my ramblings on the matter to know that traffic is getting worse and too many people are moving to Denver for us to continue to build the city out as though this were the 1960’s , 70’s , or 80’s and continue to enjoy the quality of life this amazing city affords us. At least, not as it relates to the automobile. So while I may have taken a break from writing for several years, the forces at play have taken none and only served to strengthen the argument for better facilities for cyclists to move about the city. While CDOT spent their week beginning their 1.7 BILLION dollar project to replace the viaduct on I-70 to accommodate more autos, I’ve only been spending my capital on investing in a couple leg muscles which haven’t seen the regular use they deserve. While I may be getting close to 50 years old by the time the rebuilt viaduct actually comes into use, my 30 min commute will probably still be 30 mins while those in the ditch (or the sky on the viaduct) will most likely see their stress and commute times continue to rise.

Thanks for coming back…hope you enjoy this ride.