Three years antecedent  I was driving to work and back around a total of three hours a day. It was probably the best job I have ever had accompanied by the worst commute(although DC would be worse). Adding to that, the job entailed driving to farms across 14 counties in the northern neck and middle peninsula of Virginia several times weekly in the summer. The scenery was great but I’ve come to find out far superior at one’s own pace.

Working conditions being what they were, new employment was in order. Now that it has been secured I have been able to join the ranks of those privileged enough to use a bicycle as transportation just like an increasing majority of the rest of the world(sorry for the dude, but it’s the Economist?! WTF?).

The plan is to make it easy for people to want to bicycle for enjoyment and transportation as well as less “sports” oriented or “extreme” and more friendly and cordial. Once this is incorporated as policy in our society, many commonplace annoyances featured in our daily lives and in our public burdens will start to abate.

My story is I biked my neighborhood in my younger days and the BMX was king on the streets of Baltimore back then, but Ma Duke’s kept us from chancing our lives in traffic as there was a busier street a couple blocks down. By the age when I could cross into the next neighborhood over I was shredding radical on my skate deck and skating all around downtown Baltimore. No need for a bike as I just rode the deck to the subway and went straight downtown. For the most part it wasn’t until I came to Richmond that bike transport became a regular occurrence.

Since this is a Richmond blog I’ll assume everyone knows VCU, which is where I went/currently attend school. and the fan is well-known for its volume of bicycle traffic. It certainly had caught on with me as well and was influenced by living west of the boulevard and having to head to campus everyday. 

Anyhow, I think my qualifications stemming from my bicycling experience to operate this blog are sufficient enough to provide you grossly inaccurate information that helps you in no way. Maybe my links will do you some good. Either way, I commute, have done short tours(3 days), ride for fun, grocery shop, randonneur, and work on my own bikes for the most part. I try and keep this blog updated with the latest transport cycling news coming out of Richmond and if you know something I don’t know feel free to contact me and I’ll put it up! Hope to see you on the streeeetzzzz!!!!!


8 thoughts on “About/Introduction

  1. Yo.
    I recently returned from Japan, and you wanna talk about a cycle-centric culture! I have some cool pics and info to share for you , if you want them for your blog.
    Let me know.

  2. Would you be willing to have a co-contributor? I often see bikes downtown and want to post pictures of them, and this seems like a great place. You could even leave “spotted on rvabikecommuter.com” cards so the owner can visit his/her bike online.

  3. Heya, I’m moving to the RVA area from Delaware in about a month and I was looking to see what the cycling/bike commuting community is like down there. From what I see it’s pretty strong! Thanks for the site and can’t wait to meet some of the awesome cyclists in the area.

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