Quick evening Ride-Welcome to Denver!

Welcome to Denver, Colorado! 


So while it’s been awhile some things remain the same. As you can see I’m still riding one of the same bicycles I had 5 years ago the last time I published a post and testament to the “steel is real” mantra it’s holding up quite well. Prior to this evenings ride I actually changed a couple items around on this bicycle. Since I work from home now and the amount of utility necessary was probably overkill on my part with both a front basket, the rear rack, and a saddlebag all on this bike I actually removed some of these items before this evenings ride. Also I must admit that I’m anticipating of hopefully rebuilding and maybe upgrading this bike a bit over the winter which is why I started pulling things off. I’m also working on prepping another bike I picked up at the pawn shop to use this winter (more on that in another post!) instead of this bike. While the blog has been inactive, the bicycle certainly has not and the amount of grime on this thing makes her deserving of a complete teardown and rebuild by next spring. She’s been up into Waterton Canyon, around town, Winter Park area with friends and elsewhere. Since my last post years ago I’ve upgraded the tires to 37c width Panaracer Paselas (my favorite tire by a lot) and removed the fenders as the weather here really doesn’t require you to have them (unless maybe I was commuting to work still) with our supposed 300 days a year of sunshine.


Cycling infrastructure is growing here, and this is the newly striped 47 Ave bike lane which got put down a couple weeks ago. My advocacy here in the city starts and ends with this bike lane as I’ve tried to remain out of these conversations but did attend a community meeting here about this project. Of course, everyone was against it…..scared to lose their parking. That includes the liquor store owners (who got concessions from the city in front of their building where there is no lane, only sharrows) and my neighbors who are worried about their parking on game nights with their friends. I like it, but I could have gone without. Traffic is actually a big issue on this road closer to where I live and I would have rather seen some traffic calming like a diverter to reduce vehicle volume and no bike lane as a concession. This would have reduced traffic, possibly saved parking, and bikes could still easily use the quite neighborhood street with sharrows rather than the traffic which is present now and cuts from from York to Brighton when the train is present.


Like everywhere in Denver, construction and new residents demand upgrades to our infrastructure and as you can see in this picture some designated bicycle routes are closed (at the end of this block in the picture above) or under construction.


Of course there’s still lots of bike lanes like this one on MLK which are segregated from traffic. Not a great road to ride on, but get’s you where you want to be (in this case the Bicycle Co-Op where I was looking for a shifter for that bicycle I alluded to building up earlier).


On my way back, on the really round-a-bout route through the downtown area of the city, I had to make a quick stop at ink! coffeeshop for the coffeenuering challenge which I’m halfheartedly doing here and there or just using as an excuse to get some miles in.

Lastly I got this shot from the new pedestrian bridge at the 38th and Blake light rail station. The trainyard splits the city up such that from where I live it’s difficult to get to some of these areas except by taking one or two routes that go around the trainyard. Why not take the pedestrian bridge I figured as 38th under the train tracks is heavily traveled by autos, dimly lit on the walkway, and frequently used by pedestrians as well plus, I wanted to try out the elevator.


So I guess things haven’t really changed that much just some different scenery to take pictures of. Either way somehow this still feels like a rebirth, or the first time I’ve done this before but I know it’s not and I certainly know this blog can be resurrected easily and brought back with more or less the same intentions.

Get People on Bikes

Highlight and showcase adventures had while cycling

Observe and reflect on how people are getting around on two wheels

…and maybe a little bike pron and simple tips along the way


Welcome to Denver..I think you’ll like cycling here as much as you have anywhere. Cheers!