Updated Links-Cruiser Ride Tonight

Well this is Kinda fun. I forgot in the intervening 5-7 years or whatever how much fun it could be to update my blog again. This time there is plenty of work in the works but to start with I wanted to get some of the links updated. Unfortunately, some of my favorite places have gone away, Bike Shops like Pibby’s in RVA (I still have a great rear wheel Chip built up for me on my Lotus commuter rig) and Bunnyhop and the Co-Op’s in RVA as well…..in addition to all that I don’t live there and have replaced those spots with some new ones here in Denver. Be sure to check out the links on the right, places like Schwab Cycles (best local bike shop I’ve found to cater to commuters and utility cyclists) and Bikes Together (local Co-OP with 2 locations now, one in Park Hill and another off Mariposa). Finally, I need to add a link to the Denver Cruiser Ride, which coincidentally, happens most Wednesdays. I need to speak with the wife, but I hope to be there tonight and enjoying a solid cruise around town on what appears to be the makings of a wonderful evening. As always, stay chill my homies…..and see you in the streets.