Been Awhile!

colorado-wordpressWell Well Well….though you were done with me! Lol.

Firstly, it’s been five years since I’ve posted….so much has happened in that time and to start, I moved away from Richmond Virginia over 2 years ago to start a new bike life, in Denver Colorado. Oddly, I work from home now so the premise that one should utilize their bicycle to commute to work remains the same but for me isn’t applicable. I’d like to think that in the couple years of posting more and more folks in RVA have begun to use bicycles as transport, I know I’ve built a few up bikes for friends to use and others have done so themselves. Similarly, I’ve been exploring new places, seeing new things and craving out a new lifestyle here in Denver. I’ve trying to get back on the bike more for sure but Colorado has a much different climate, different environment, and bigger hills. That being said, I’m posting up here cause I think it’s time to bring what I’ve always enjoyed back a bit, albeit in a different form. So that being said, the name will stay the same, but I’m not your local cycle commuting blogger anymore but I would like to and hope to be able to show you some of the cool bike adventures I have here in Colorado hopefully with more camping! So that being said, here’s to a second go around!