More Pizza Crawl Photos.

Head over to my man Keiths’ webternetz site for more (much better) photos from the pizza crawl.


All in the Family

Every once and while I get into stuff deep and start to think about things. Regardless of your views on the world I think it is pretty obvious to most people that in any geographic location where there is a similar concentration of people with similar cultural systems, beliefs, and mores many other people in the general vicinity seem to feel more or less the same way about things. For firsties, this is why I don’t live in the suburbs, I just can’t relate to “those” people. As a funny aside I had to goto my (very soon to be) X-Wifes lawyers office a couple months back. It was literally the last building on Midlothian Turnpike, past 288, before everything became fields again. I said to the lawyer “wow, this is really far out here” and her response was along the lines of “yes and it’s so convienient here! With 288 right there it is 20-30 min to Short Pump and 20 mins to Chesterfield Town Center!” as straight faced as she could and totally thinking that was some sort of achievement. I don’t know about you but the last thing I keep in mind when choosing where to live or work is the proximity to the Mall. Here’s a tune about how I feel about it:

Anyhow, I have two kids and I would love for when they get older to appreciate being able to ride their bikes to buy groceries, get a coffee, socialize with friends, grab a bite to eat, and appreciate some art and I know they will because if the spread of religion or political beliefsĀ  or anything else for that matter translates the same way as the simple pleasure of riding a bike does than not only will they want to appreciate these things, they will seek them out.

Cyclocross Weekend

Last weekend was the Richmond Festival of the Cross and while I should have announced it in advance so more people could attend, race, spectate, whatever, I didn’t. I did this specifically because I was racing and even though I made all attempts possible to have as few people see my in lycra as I could somehow pictures still made their way onto facebook of my hopping barriers with my bo-bo socks on. Yes, I wore them and in fact one group of spectators yelled “socks!” every lap I took. I had never raced cross before but I must admit it was decidedly not sucky. The whole thing is way out of my comfort zone for the most part but quite a bit less so than a road race or criterium for example. I found the experience to be pretty thrilling as my group (Cat 4 men) was the largest race I beleive and the first turn was a trial in not hooking someone with my massive bar-end shifters. After the race a friend who works at Carytown Bicycles asked me what I thought as he was a surprised as I was to be involved and I replied with was a good time after which he told me a story of how another firend of his was pissed to “get passed by some dude with a rack on his bike”….of course that was me! LOL! So funny. Ultimately though, the best part was after the race (not immediately after,,,that was the part where I was losing a lung and the stiches in my sides were only beginning to recede) but when I broke out the camping stove, popped the tops on a couple Legend Pale Ales and enjoyed watching some serious racers lay down….those dudes are fast for sure. All in all a great weekend so I encourage everyone to come out and at least spectate next year, and I may even post about it in advance, if your not frightened by lycra.


Bicycle Cyclists are rule breakers in Goochland

While this isn’t a “commuting” related post many commuters also ride recreationally all around the city and surrounding counties. This weekend I too will be out on a “training” ride for improving my speeds and efficiencies for commuting to work so I can cut down my commute time to less than 25 minutes. That being said, there are obviously some scofflaw bicycle cyclists out there who don’t follow the rules of the road and the Goochland County Sheriffs department is finally doing something about it since this is a major crime issue for Goochland. While blasting through red lights and ignoring stop signs (who can see them anyway when your riding the wrong way down a one way street?) may be considered commonplace or even proper etiquette amongst the urban sack bag, tiny hat, shants crowd, the lycra set really should know better and has the disposable income to afford paying the fines (user fees?) generated from the Goochland Sheriffs offices’ crack-down on these serious traffic malfeasances. Obviously, I am taking the piss out of the situation and no one should be ignoring the law when cycling but a crack-down on cyclists in the west end who are simply out putting their crabon and lycra to some good use don’t really seem like a serious law enforcement threat to me. Of course, I usually get accosted in some manner (didn’t say I don’t like it) on a daily basis (streetz are for cars!) so it’s hard for me to even grasp that there is a parkway where you can ride in relative freedom free from heavy auto traffic in a big loop. While I’ve never actually ridden on West Creek Parkway I’ve traveled by it several times on a loop I tried a few times from Carytown area out Patterson to the State Pennitentiary where there is a bridge that crosses the river and you can circle back to Robious Road. That loop sucked pretty much as Patterson Ave is simply too busy to be enjoyable for me. Either way, looks like the sheriff is flexing his doughnut hole and has spoken with these scofflaw cyclists so these type of serious infractions should be reduced.

Link here for the article on NBC 12 with a nice little Video (which I can’t figure out how to embed).