All in the Family

Every once and while I get into stuff deep and start to think about things. Regardless of your views on the world I think it is pretty obvious to most people that in any geographic location where there is a similar concentration of people with similar cultural systems, beliefs, and mores many other people in the general vicinity seem to feel more or less the same way about things. For firsties, this is why I don’t live in the suburbs, I just can’t relate to “those” people. As a funny aside I had to goto my (very soon to be) X-Wifes lawyers office a couple months back. It was literally the last building on Midlothian Turnpike, past 288, before everything became fields again. I said to the lawyer “wow, this is really far out here” and her response was along the lines of “yes and it’s so convienient here! With 288 right there it is 20-30 min to Short Pump and 20 mins to Chesterfield Town Center!” as straight faced as she could and totally thinking that was some sort of achievement. I don’t know about you but the last thing I keep in mind when choosing where to live or work is the proximity to the Mall. Here’s a tune about how I feel about it:

Anyhow, I have two kids and I would love for when they get older to appreciate being able to ride their bikes to buy groceries, get a coffee, socialize with friends, grab a bite to eat, and appreciate some art and I know they will because if the spread of religion or political beliefsĀ  or anything else for that matter translates the same way as the simple pleasure of riding a bike does than not only will they want to appreciate these things, they will seek them out.


Back in the Saddle

So it’s been awhile since I posted last, not that I haven’t been riding just not posting. So in the last month I have done a century ride, some non sanctioned bike events have gone down in town, some fundraisers for the North American Cycle Courier Championships happened, Carytown Bikes moved to a new location, and a friend of mine won a contest by RVA Fat Tire Rides. Really a lot has been happening. Today I stopped by Pibby’s and ordered up a new rear wheel for my commuter bike (Salsa Delgado, 36 spoke with a 105 hub) and got to ride the Bullitt Bike Chip has there. That was weird for sure but I want one. Anyhow, more fun stuff is coming up including BIKE WEEK II in which bikes and weeks coincided and don’t forget May is bike to work month but we have time for that. Anyhow here are some upcoming and recent happenings around town:

Link Here

And VCU is going to have some bike sharing going on now.

And finally although it doesn’t officially happen I guess since people are making videos and posting them on the internet it makes it real. Slaughterama probably will never cease.


Awhile back I posted on “regulars” you may encounter while commuting by bicycle. You know, the dog walker, the morning coffee and paper, the bum who smells awesome. Well on Friday on my ride home I came across a group of people I know but don’t encounter frequently while riding at least. It was the folks from the Richmond Cycling Corps, which if you don’t know, is a great group promoting cycling with youth in the city. As I crossed Belle Isle I saw a bunch of people riding trails in the woods, carrying on, and generally having the kind of fun you should be having on a bicycle. Only as I came close to crossing the southbank access bridge did I realized who it was and stopped to chat and take a couple photos. Looks like the kids were having a great time!

New Posts for New Readers

It has recently come to my attention that a FB post was made by a local bike shop highlighting the blog. For all of you who haven’t been here before, welcome! I’ll admit now that I haven’t been either riding very frequently lately or posting either. It seems disingenuous to me to post about cycle commuting when I am riding my scooter into work most days anyway. So much has been going on in the cycle community here in Richmond and I really haven’t been on top of it. I cross Belle Isle most mornings and there is a skills course being planned there, Amy at the city of Richmond has secured some resources for Ciclovia event here in town, and it appears Carytown Bicycles will be moving to a new location as well. For me, well my life is a mess, but I haven’t felt better in months than I did riding in this morning. I saw so much wildlife (watch out says that bird!) and the fog was slowly lifting from the river as usual for this time of year. In addition to that it’s in the 60’s again today. Well, I’ll try to be better about this but to tide you over here are some pictures from this morning which are located in the usual beautiful spot where I snap photos. Enjoy!


Well everyone has posted about the new sharrows the city has installed around Harrison Street so I am pretty late to the game but better late than never. I finally had a chance yesterday to get a photo of one. Here are some materials other local papers, internetz, etc have posted on these and a photo for your enjoyment! Happy Monday, get on that cycle and burn off them turkey calories.,0,1861969.story