More Pizza Crawl Photos.

Head over to my man Keiths’ webternetz site for more (much better) photos from the pizza crawl.


Street Scene-Couples Ride

I don’t really know if these people were a couple or not but they were spotted in front of Shields Market last night enjoying the weather and utilizing their baskets to procure some provisions for a relaxing evening in the city. What better way to do so than on the saddle of your bicycle. Try that in Chesterfield.


Awhile back I posted on “regulars” you may encounter while commuting by bicycle. You know, the dog walker, the morning coffee and paper, the bum who smells awesome. Well on Friday on my ride home I came across a group of people I know but don’t encounter frequently while riding at least. It was the folks from the Richmond Cycling Corps, which if you don’t know, is a great group promoting cycling with youth in the city. As I crossed Belle Isle I saw a bunch of people riding trails in the woods, carrying on, and generally having the kind of fun you should be having on a bicycle. Only as I came close to crossing the southbank access bridge did I realized who it was and stopped to chat and take a couple photos. Looks like the kids were having a great time!

Street Scene–Waiting at the A train

Reedy Creek is where I prefer to enter the James River park system for the final stretch of the ride to work. All kinds of flora, fauna, and the occasional frightening moment as well. Frequently there is a train on the tracks near the crossing into the park but infrequently that train is blocking my path. As it turns out yesterday was one of those infrequent moments but I did get the chance to meet a bearded gentleman with this sweet Takara bicycle while we waited to cross. He also inquired about my front basket as he was carrying a bunch of cans to recycle I guess and needed a better way to carry things. Well there is a post for that! Anyhow, his bike was a hand me down from his grandfather and my favorite part was the sweet bar end shifters in the first photo. So Cool! Enjoy!


When you first start bicycle cycle commuting commuter cycling it’s like a new relationship in that generally, you smell good still and don’t fart when other people are around. As you get accustom to your route though, commuter cycling is just like any other type of commuting in that you are generally making the same stops, passing the same landmarks, and encountering the same people. I guess we are creatures of habit like that. I have two general routes I take, a fast one (rarely) and the scenic route which is really only 10 min. slower than the fast route. As I have been riding this route for almost three years now (since my last job change) I have my own set of landmarks I enjoy (Belle Isle, Tredegar Iron Works, The Federal Reserve, and the Valero on Westover Hills Boulevard) and I also have some of the same people I see most days depending on what time of the morning I am riding in. There’s the homeless guy with long hair who lives on Belle Isle I beleive, the old dude with the rotweiler he walks every morning, and Tim Barry. Tim is kinda like a Richmond institution living the punk rock lifestyle he chooses. If you don’t know who he is than you probably don’t really know Richmond yet. Avail is probably one of the biggest acts to come out of Richmond (short of GWAR) and Tim was (is?) a member but mainly does his own thing these days. To be honest, I didn’t really know who he was when we first started passing each other years ago but for some reason the face was familiar. I’ve kinda had encounters like this with two members of Avail now as I met Gwamper when I was 20 on a loading dock in charlotte NC before a show they were doing. At that time, I was dating his cousin but he never elluded to the fact that he was the bass player in the band and when they came on I was kinda stunned like “thats that dude I just listened to jamming and chatted with” on the loading dock of some warehouse.

Tim is always out running with his dog pretty early in the morning. While a lot of traffic picks up in spring on the route, is similarly dies off right about now. He is always out there and honestly this is my favorite time of year to cycle commute anyway. I guess that’s how we got to talking as we would see each other in the winter when no one else ever braved the early frigid hours. He’s one of the most down to earth guys out there and we’ve chatted on gardening and music some when either of us had a chance. His music is damn fine too and as such I’m gonna go ahead and link to his page so you can check it out. So who are some of the people of Richmond you see everyday?

Fun Fridays!

I left my phone usb cable at home this morning so I had to go out on the internet and find something to steal use for todays post and as the sun may be starting to come out, and it’s friday this post is going to be fun! Party at my place tonight as I’ll be turning old on Monday and you know what….life is good. Even better on a bicycle. So have FUN, smell the flowers, be content with the present, because if you are you will always be content, cause it will always be the present, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. C U Monday for birthday celebrations (if I feel like it!). Love.