Why you need to carry stuff.

Normally I only bring breakfast with me but as bills can be tight at times I am also trying to make lunch at work as well. In the summer, we cycle down to Belle Isle to enjoy a view of the rapids while we eat so a friend of mine and I frequently eat together by cycling down there but this winter I have been venturing out (Juneuary) and enjoying the some tables available downtown. You’ll see in these photos that I’ve rigged up a basket to carry some things with me and having the ability to portage equipment is an essential aspect of a utility bike. Now I want to make sure that this doesn’t stop you from cycling and there are plenty of people who have no baskets or racks and carry things all day long (bike messengers for instance) but for me I don’t like to have a backpack or “messenger” bag on and in the summer it’ll make you sweaty even before you step into work. Here’s my basket set-up and a look at how I filled it up this morning.


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