We have a wiener!

If you are on myface or the facespace or some of the social media jawn than you may have seen the page for RVA Fat Tire Rides. They seem to be doing some sick stuff along the lines of the kind of stuff I like to report on here on the blog so go out there and friend request them when you get a chance. Also, they recently had a contest (which I didn’t report on so my bike could win! HAHA!) but alas, I didn’t win. Instead my buddy Mike who’s bike I have profiled here before and who I helped with lotsa guidance on what direction to take his build ended up being the wiener (well he was already a wiener but you know)! He is a fan of Nishiki bicycles since his road frame from his childhood is a Nishiki and while his regular errand running bike was a Vintage Mongoose      I used to rock which I let him utilize for awhile, he found this Nishiki frame and ended up building that up and giving me the Mongoose back. Props out to duder for winning the contest even in the face of far superior competition from easily handsomer riders (i kid). Good work dude….now you’re the most famous cyclist in Petersburg, who isn’t a bum. Rage!


2 thoughts on “We have a wiener!

  1. Well well Well. Looks like the big Chorizo has won. Again, thanks for the props, the guidance, and getting me back into cycling. With this weather lately, how can you not go on a bike ride?

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