New Posts for New Readers

It has recently come to my attention that a FB post was made by a local bike shop highlighting the blog. For all of you who haven’t been here before, welcome! I’ll admit now that I haven’t been either riding very frequently lately or posting either. It seems disingenuous to me to post about cycle commuting when I am riding my scooter into work most days anyway. So much has been going on in the cycle community here in Richmond and I really haven’t been on top of it. I cross Belle Isle most mornings and there is a skills course being planned there, Amy at the city of Richmond has secured some resources for Ciclovia event here in town, and it appears Carytown Bicycles will be moving to a new location as well. For me, well my life is a mess, but I haven’t felt better in months than I did riding in this morning. I saw so much wildlife (watch out says that bird!) and the fog was slowly lifting from the river as usual for this time of year. In addition to that it’s in the 60’s again today. Well, I’ll try to be better about this but to tide you over here are some pictures from this morning which are located in the usual beautiful spot where I snap photos. Enjoy!


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