Nishiki All Rounder


8 thoughts on “Nishiki All Rounder

  1. What’s wrong with that bike Amy? Nice steel frame, hub dynamo with German front and rear light, bar end shifters, Brooks saddle, Sugino XD triple crank, Surly LHT fork, Nitto Randoneur bars, 36 spoke custom wheels, VO stainless fenders, 9 speed rear derailler, rack, bar waterproof bag, and Shimano touring pedals. Truly an all-rounder built to last. Yes, it’s my steed and it fits me perfect. Some might object to the color scheme but I don’t care. And the frame is a good quality Japanese built steel. See you on the road.

  2. You’re right Stuart. Unfortunately, that bike rack makes it a little difficult but fortunately, security is tight where I lock it up. Anywhere else and it is locked up with the ulock and cable lock.

  3. exactly. there’s nothing wrong with the bike itself, it’s very nice and that’s precisely why I wouldn’t trust the rent a cop with my bike. The ones in my building still give me the hairy eyeball when I need to bring my bike into my office.

    My rule is, if you can’t afford to lose it, you can’t afford to lock it up. It’s a strange calculus, I ride my worst bikes most often and the nicest ones only see the light of day when I’m going out and back in one trip. It’d kill me to lose that bike, so, I sure wouldn’t lock it in a way where it could be 90% stolen in 5 seconds by loosening the QR. Why not just take the extra 5 seconds and at least cable lock the frame up, or pitch a stink until you get a rack that you can lock securely to?

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