Well everyone has posted about the new sharrows the city has installed around Harrison Street so I am pretty late to the game but better late than never. I finally had a chance yesterday to get a photo of one. Here are some materials other local papers, internetz, etc have posted on these and a photo for your enjoyment! Happy Monday, get on that cycle and burn off them turkey calories.,0,1861969.story



2 thoughts on “Sharrows

  1. The Harrison sharrows are painted in the spot where car’s wheels track on the right— they’ll wear off real quick like. Should be more over to the left and larger as well. But at least they ain’t in the door zone, and might give the drivers on Harrison a clue.

  2. and now they’ve put some in southbound on Meadow, with the markings directly in the door zone. Awful, absolutely terrible, execution (unless it is of cyclists). Please write the city’s bike co-ordinator to tell him these markings are unacceptable.

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