Street Scene–Waiting at the A train

Reedy Creek is where I prefer to enter the James River park system for the final stretch of the ride to work. All kinds of flora, fauna, and the occasional frightening moment as well. Frequently there is a train on the tracks near the crossing into the park but infrequently that train is blocking my path. As it turns out yesterday was one of those infrequent moments but I did get the chance to meet a bearded gentleman with this sweet Takara bicycle while we waited to cross. He also inquired about my front basket as he was carrying a bunch of cans to recycle I guess and needed a better way to carry things. Well there is a post for that! Anyhow, his bike was a hand me down from his grandfather and my favorite part was the sweet bar end shifters in the first photo. So Cool! Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Street Scene–Waiting at the A train

    1. I have no idea….I recommend Panaracer Paselas, about $15 at Nashbar and some of the best rubber I’ve encountered but everyone has their own opinions on these things.

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