Street Scene- Strap it On.

I am using this opportunity to provide a link for all of you on how to make a very cheap, waterproof, and durable transport solution for your bicycle. The best thing about the increasing popularity of bikcycle transport is that people are seeing that for items larger than will fit in your pocket it’s entirely possible to transport them by bicycle. Unfortunately oftentimes this simply involves some old belts, rope, and creative thinking and people have stuff tied down all over their bike. An elegant solution can be had for next to nothing if you are able to work a couple tools and have some old materials you can recycle. First, dude I just saw on Broad street with a jug of piss iced tea strapped to his handlebars and a bunch of other stuff as well:


Next is a link to how to make your own panniers out of kittly litter tubs. I have one I have made so far and it’s awesome. I’ve done camping trips with it, it cost about $5 to make, and it hard sided and waterproof. Also it doubles as a seat around the fire. Here is the link:

Next Some photos of how other people have done things before….some stylish and some kitty litter. So don’t strap your piss container directly to your bars where you’ll end up being covered in urine if your system fails. Design a legit system like these and carry your piss bucket in style. Happy Weekend!

Or perhaps a tote bag option with reused clipboards as the support?! So fashionable.

Or our Friend Amy over at BobbinandSprocket did this sweet basket pannier….Awesome Amy!

Must Follow Link here…..Flikr no like my using their link I suppose.

One final note…. the Awesomeist Scooter club in Richmond Seven Hills Scooter Club is hosting their fall rally this weekend! It is gonna rage. Follow link here for more information and have a great weekend.



4 thoughts on “Street Scene- Strap it On.

  1. I love that guy with the giant jug strapped to his handlebars. He’s locked up next to me at city hall some days.

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