Quickness RVA

So your at work, home, school and the munchies kick in. You think, damn, I sure could go for some vittles right now, but parking being what it is, tight deadlines on work, and your boss breathing fire down your throat like those wings at Caliente, you simply can’t get out to get a decent meal. First, you look at the offerings nearby, but another sampling of soggy burgers and limp fries ain’t gonna cut it. Matt at Christopher’s Runaway Gourmet has already packed up the trailer and moved on, and these deadlines on your TPS reports just keep coming fast and furious. That’s where QuicknessRVA steps in. I can tell you from experience, their delivery service exceeds that which is provided by most restaurants in the area. I was working late one night and wanted something tasty, called them up and in no time (like 15-20min I think) they were hamming it up with the security guard in my building. From what I could tell, they have insulated bags to keep your eats warm, and baskets to keep my ranch dressing having to be licked off the inside of the paper bag. Checking their website today, they have added even more restaurant options to their quiver of selections so there should be something for everyone. Check them out for an easy way to get delivery at work in an environmentally friendly manner and support a local business.


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