Mystery Green Machine

Spotted today on Main Street near the Capital. This green frame sports those wingnut type quick release front axles from days gone by and a whole slew of progressive stickerage but no markers to indicate the pedigree of the maker……hummmmm.


5 thoughts on “Mystery Green Machine

    1. I neglected to mention this in the post (primarily because I didn’t think it sufficiently smug to mention) but the bike looks cobbled together from old parts and the cranks were a one piece. I think they were Pura-Ace from when Dura-Ace was a Sears (before Wal-Mart became the “goto” box store) brand….

      1. Hm, could be. My dad has a Sears Free Spirit that looks similar but has perhaps not as nice a frame. There’s definitely a lot of odd going on with this bike.

  1. Haha hey! Yeah, this is my bike. Thank you for telling me it was on here, Amy!

    You were right, willyjake…The bike is sort of a big conglomerate of a lot of different bikes and parts. It’s a schwinn traveller which I bought for only 20 bucks from a pal. I sanded it down to purposely rough it up to keep bike thiefs from wanting to steal my bike. The saddle, bars, crank, rear coaster wheel, grips and front wheel weren’t stock. Those were put on. But anyhow.

    Her name is Yvonne 🙂

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