I dropped one of my bicycles off at Pibby’s bike earlier this week to have a bracket fabricated for my randonneur rack on the front of my bike. After carrying a 50 lbs rock back from the river the metal fatigued and broke. While there it really hit me that one of my good buddies was finally back from a summer in Germany (and traveling in the rest of Europe as well) finishing up his Masters in Urban Planning Degree. He had bought a Dutch front rack for his bike and it required some tweaking to be installed correctly so when I arrived at the shop, unbeknownst to me, there was his Redline 26″ single speed commuter/MTB. His bike is the older version of this frame and has akward spacing for the rear hub. When I spoke to him on the phone he indicated that he would like to someday get an internally geared hub for the bike but wasn’t sure if that would work given the spacing of the frame (which is aluminum as well so it can’t be cold set either). I was searching around and I found a website called Hubstripping which is pretty much Nirvana for internally geared hub enthusiasts. As I know there are plenty of folks around here who love the simplicity of a singlespeed but sometimes would like to carry groceries up some of the larger hills around town I figured I’d post on here to help all y’all find what your looking for in an internally geared hub. This site has some pretty fantasic and comprehensive reviews as well.


One thought on “HUBSTRIPPING

  1. yeah the rack is tight! i think i can start riding people on the front, what is the opposite of “cupcake?” only thing is the front is heavier now and it maybe needs a kickstand and steering damper like the real Dutch rides

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