New shoes

I know it’s hard to tell but I just installed new tires on one of my bikes. I decided that since the frame can accommodate them to go ahead and throw some 32c width tires on my randdoneuring/commuter frame. Since gravel tends to be in my commuting area I figured this wider tire would afford me a little better protection against punctures and bent rims. Nashbar had some Panaracer Paselas on sale for $15 a piece which is an excellent price for a tire. I haven’t ridden them yet but they are replacing some Panaracer Ruffy Tuffys which have been excellent and came as a recommendation from my buddy Jason who has them on his fixed gear. I liked the Ruffy Tuffys so much that I’m pretty much set on Panaracer tires now ( the ruffys are going on my road frame to replace some mismatched Schwalbe/ Vittoria setup). They’re lighter than the other puncture resistant tires I had (Vittoria Ranndoneurs) and grip amazingly. The checkerboard tread looks great too. I hope these paselas work just as well and if your looking for a a set of rubber, I highly recommend Panaracer. The old school brown sidewalls can’t be beat either and for $15 at nashbar you can get paselas in 28c, 32c, or 35c widths right now.


4 thoughts on “New shoes

  1. Looks good, but you will pry my Vittoria Randonneurs from my cold, dead hands. On my other (non-road bike) I just ride the Continental Gatorskins since I don’t usually hit gravel on that bike. I did see those Pasela’s on sale and definitely at that price they are a steal.

    1. Amy, I used to feel the same way but when you go Ruffy Tuffy you don’t go back. They weight a lot less (not a weight weenie but rolling wieght you can feel a huge difference). Also, the round tread on the Ruffy Tuffys is way more grippy…the Ranndonneurs feel stiff after riding the Ruffies…..either way I got a spare 28c randonneur if you want it for a backup. Let me know.

  2. I would definitely take it. I think I am using 35’s at the moment but can always use a spare. I know a few folks that use the Ruffy Tuffy’s, I guess it doesn’t matter as long as neither of us get any flats. I was on a ride with someone this weekend who kept blaming her flats on the Gatorskin’s sidewalls….until we looked at the rim strip. It’s not just about the tires!

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