Oregon trails

My friends bluegrass band (the whiskey rebellion) is on tour in Oregon right now. He sent me a pic of the weekly free magazine in Eugene. Imagine Style with this cover!


5 thoughts on “Oregon trails

  1. Why would the Puritan on the tall trike have a fire extinguisher aimed at his own grill? Does it have to do with his clown nose? Is it an anti-grilling political statement? It would make more sense if he had a burger flipper or some tongs for what is likely to be a vegan cookout with homemade organic/macrobiotic lentil burgers and seasonal raw kabobs.

    1. I particularly like the “artisinal” spelling of his name. Frank Bike I believe. No Frank, my raw kabob cannot go on your grill, I’m on a no chemical extinguisher diet for my next tri dude.

  2. This has nothing to do with this post, but I have a question for Amy George… were you recently on “Jeopardy?” I know that sounds crazy, but I was visiting my parents last week and they had that show on in the background and I thought I heard Alex interviewing someone with your name and she said she rode her bike everywhere in Richmond…. was that you?

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