Hanover Car Commuter

For the next 9 days I am going to be living the life of an auto commuter. Thankfully it isn’t permanent but it’s a good gig. A couple friends in Western Hanover left on vacation and someone had to watch their four legged children. As such, my regular posting should be nil but if something good comes up in the news I’ll try and get it up here…….just in time for the heat.


4 thoughts on “Hanover Car Commuter

  1. Come on, you need to do the epikkkkk cycle commute. I don’t know how far afield you are in Hanover, though. Four legged kids might get pretty hungry by the time you get home in the evening.

    1. I’d say it’s about 45 miles. If you go out on 64 I am past the first rest stop so I figure it’s not even the Richmond metro region if the highway administrators have put a rest room in for people. On the other hand I did a wonderful ride early Saturday morning and met some real nice people. I think the loop was 20-30 miles and I got out before it got too hot and back in time to watch the time trial and Cadel Evans shredding the TdF.

    2. Also, did I miss the MURP ride? I saw a funny post on facebook that you put out there….wasn’t objectifying at all by the way…but most dudes don’t mind anyway.

  2. Yeah, you missed the MURP ride, it was Saturday. I had to find out second-hand about the Cadel-pocalypse. Next one September 10th, it looks like.

    I love BDIPC and I don’t care who knows it.

    Also, yesterday, I got recognized from RVA Bike Commuter by Bike Forest Hill.

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