Street Scene, vintage fuji powdercoat

Finally! I’ve been sitting on this one for awhile but I have gotten around to posting this nicely powdercoated vintage Fuji up here at last. This one is owned by Amy, who posts comments on here occasionally and she has nicely appointed the bike with a Plestsher (sp?) rack and some decent looking wheels and running gear. I don’t know about the frame other than it’s a Fuji and has been nicely powder coated by the folks at Hanover powder coating (same place that did my Nashbar) in a robins egg blue color. Amy, chime in and tell us about your bike and ride to work in the comments! Happy hump day erryone!


5 thoughts on “Street Scene, vintage fuji powdercoat

  1. This bike is a total frankenbike at this point! Shimano Deore/Suntour Superbe 7sp drivetrain (with mismatched color 105 DT shifters), Sugino cranks, Look Pedals (pantographed by Laurent Jalabert, but beat up), mount for a handlebar bag, Tektro long reach brakes, Velo Orange fenders and headset.

    It is one of the first bikes I owned here in Richmond. Bikes have come and gone since, but I’ll probably never be able to part with this frame, no matter how I have it set up. I rode it so much the past 10 years that the thin Japanese paint job had basically started to disintegrate, especially on the downtube and chainstays. So last fall I had it powder coated. I kind of wish I’d had it clear coated on top of that.

    My favorite story about this bike is where I got the wheels…I lived in an apt up on Roseneath with a large upstairs balcony…the guy next door had an old univega and a couple wheel sets…I told him I fixed up old bikes and I would like to see it, maybe buy some of the stuff depending on the quality. I came home from school and it was all on my balcony with a note that says I can have it “as long as you don’t like George W. Bush”. Deal. Turned out they were Shimano 600 hubs with Wolber rims.

    Although this frame takes fenders, I was sad when I realized it didn’t have a rack mount…but I use this bike to go to the grocery store, and needed a rack so I could fit panniers.

    Saddle is from Pibby’s – I believe it’s an Origin8. I like the vintage, Brooks-like styling but don’t have the time to worry about leather care, so I actually prefer PVC covered

    I don’t usually ride this bike to work (about 3 miles, mostly on Brook Road), but I do on Fridays, for whatever reason. I like my commute, it’s almost too short!

    I’d kind of like to set it up with a front hub dynamo and internally geared hub, next!

    1. Amy, thanks for giving us the details! Great looking bike and really good example of how to make an old frame work wonders as a wonderful commuter! Nice story on the free stuff too (I’d tell someone I hate Christ for the right vintage….but I already know I’m going to hell so who cares?)

  2. Amy neglects to mention I found that bike for her, for all of five bucks. Many many years and a paint job ago, we converted it to a fixie. Now it’s back as a geared bike. It’s lived a long and useful life, great bike…

  3. Alas, our erstwhile blogger missed a golden opportunity to snap a photo of the Viner Special Professional, which I actually lock up outside now and again. Since I don’t leave the 753 Waterford, the Eisentraut, or any of my other bikes locked to objects around the city, they may never appear in this august forum.

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