Tuesday News Reports, Freedom prevails!

Hello, back from a long weekend I see? Well so much has transpired in three days that it has been truly a mess trying to keep track of it all. That being said there is plenty of news for you to enjoy. Here we go:

Fire truck possibly hits kids on bikes-Hit and Run

Oh and this wonderfully written piece on NBC 12 about Critical Mass

Enjoy your week!



6 thoughts on “Tuesday News Reports, Freedom prevails!

    1. Your week was ruined when you woke up on the Fourth of July and it was meaningless to everyone in the country where you are located. I was busy drinking red, white, and blue Budweiser on the other hand and dreaming of slaughtering the English….

      1. oh man we actually had a raging America party with fireworks and an USA flag cake and enjoyed the freedom to drink 100 beers in public without going to jail!!!

  1. I would like to state for the record I was 200 miles away from that Critical Mass.

    Oh, and word on the street is, it’s SOP for an emergency vehicle to continue to the original call if they are involved in an accident?!

  2. Man, that NBC 12 article is special, in the worst possible meaning of the word. Thanks for posting that, I spat up my drink on my monitor. Truly funny, though I’m sure it’s meant to be a hard hitting piece of investigative journalism and not a smelly fishrag type rant.

    1. I particularly liked how they shot a bunch of footage from their car….too funny and I can here it now “get the camera out! Their running the light. Oh God Oh God! Pulitzer……ahhhhh”.

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