Street scene, sweet Roadster

This was spotted in the fan the other day as I rode back to pick my car up. A classic three-speed roadster but this one had bars that swept particularly far out and those uncomfortable (in my opinion) rubberized plastic grips that look great with your matching whitewalls but cause your palms to sweat after two blocks. A note to readers, since your bikes are locked up, the more picturesque your parking location the better chance of getting up on the blog.


2 thoughts on “Street scene, sweet Roadster

  1. Nice find! Did you catch the maker? I’m assuming it’s English, what with the white tail fender and what looks to be North Road handlebars. I hate those plastic grips too. Covered the set that was on my Hercules with leather. Much more comfortable after that.

  2. You should roll by the Gold’s Gym on Cary some evening. There’s a lot of very nice bikes out there, very picturesque.

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