Street scene, hipster highlock basket trifecta


6 thoughts on “Street scene, hipster highlock basket trifecta

  1. Baskets, a fender, brakes, GEARS!?! what the hell is going on over there with all these mundane utilities? it better still be legit to wear huge one-strap sacks and those tiny hats or I’m moving to L.A. where they have more respect for the rigors of fashion statements!!

  2. Stuart, times has changed! Also suddenly blinkies and headlamps are ‘in’?!

    But I did think the same thing about the E.T. reference.

    The bad thing is that cast iron fence (at least it looks like cast iron) is really brittle. You could damage the historic material really easily just by locking to it, and/or come back and find that someone else has damaged it for you, and you also no longer have a bike.

  3. well let me just say i got my hands on the most utilitarian bicycle accessory imaginable over here and i’m itching to get it out on the skreets of richmond. it’s going to topple the heirarchy of Republic Aristotle -> basketed flat-bar road conversions -> Ortlieb two-strap sacks. it’s not just retro-fashion, it’s reactionary-fashion AND it is in a cool colorway

    1. and I’m sure there are 100 bums waiting to take it off yr bike when you are not looking! 🙂

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