Ah Mondays.

Mondays are the day where the shame of what transpired over the weekend gets to gently fester in the frontal lobes where it was kindly repressed during the weekends drink imbibed activities. Unless that is you drive this car which was spotted in my neighborhood last week while I was (gasp!) driving my car in which case your shame is daily and unending. So true is this statement that I have no doubt that if one were to quantify productivity on Mondays people would see that nothing can actually get done because your still thinking about your dog pissing on the carpet, your mother-in-law’s time at your house criticizing you, or you thinking about how the hell a urine stain got on your carpet/bed/couch when you don’t actually have a dog. Cycling to work can be a release from this at times although other times it actually provides you more time to think even more deeply about these events. Unfortunately for me, my car returned to the shop again today for preventative maintenance this time and just in time since I had recently gotten my commuter bike back from having the rear wheel trued. I say unfortunately primarily because A) I could buy a f-ing badass new bicycle with all of the money I have dropped on that stupid car this year (or a helmet and pads, and a sumo-suit to keep me safe while riding) and 2.) because a trip to my mechanic involves both driving to drop the car off and subsequently a cycle commute through the fan. The latter was great and I love riding through the fan, especially in the morning when the useless people in our society aren’t awake (students) and in the summer when the….well I pretty much hate college students. Either way it’s always nice. Also I saw a female wearing this shirt which made me take my mind off my personal problems and wonder “is that just her boyfriends shirt and she stole it from him to keep his nose clean for now?” or is this just some extreme irony as the slogan implies some sort of functional “hitting” device and that generally (although not always, trying to be both PC and open minded here people) women lack said implement. Nonetheless, such banter serves to take your mind off the sometimes painful realities of life and just the mere access to such engagements are things that frequently can’t be realized from behind the drivers wheel. Finally, although the shirt contained an image of a donkey pinata and the slogan “I’d hit it!” it was lime green and all I could think about was how I’d really like to take a bat to the ugly green Mercedes and the Idiot that painted their car that color without at least throwing in on a set of matching Deep V’s….. Oh yeah, I’d hit it.


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