More More Safer-ism


2 thoughts on “More More Safer-ism

  1. Very funny and I can’t help thinking about being in one of those suits filled with jell-o but that is a horse of an entirely different color. I am as opposed to unnecessary legislation as the next serf but I will say that if I had chosen not to wear a helmet Tuesday of last week then I would not be able to type this today.

    Fun data from a 2009 Kaiser study: 13% of Virginians are uninsured. 11% of Virginians are on Medicaid. 14% of Virginians are on Medicare. I would appreciate that if any one of the 38% of Virginians whose health expenses are covered by our collective taxes decides to go for a cycle that they choose to wear a helmet.

    1. Why not DOT-approved motorcycle helmets that are actually designed to protect the head in a collision with a vehicle? Just wearing that little styrofoam hat that is only designed for less than 12mph impacts is very dangerous. And what of chest protectors, shin guards, gloves, and elbow pads? Aren’t you taking a huge risk riding without all the proper safety gear? You could always be more safer, right?

      “Our collective taxes” would be more protected from obesity-related health care costs if every uninsured/Medicare/Medicaid person rode a bike every day, with or without a helmet!

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