Street scene, Centurion of Portage!

This eppik Centurion was spotted yesterday and quickly portaged it’s way into my heart. To start with, I love Japanese steel, lugged bicycles from the 80’s and 90’s so add to that an eppik Miami Vice paint job and we have a proven winner. Now I am not normally interested in fads or trendz but this whole basket movement is something I totally endorse, support, and approve of. I suppose there is a framebuilding style that lends itself to a front load and this probably isn’t it but a basket is so simple and easy as a way to get your stuff around the city and it’s always there right in front of you…so with that said, Miami Vice colors+ Lugged Japanese Steel+ basket+ midgets=WiN!


One thought on “Street scene, Centurion of Portage!

  1. front loading baskets and racks are great. I don’t know how I went so long without a porteur rack. It’s just so much easier stopping by the sto’ for the post-work sixxer and putting it in the rack. No straps or buckles or clicking to mess with. And IMO, it can really dress up a bike nicely. I still need to stop by and get that flower basket that I found stranded in the ditch, but it’s on a blind turn and I don’t want to be the asshole.
    To your comment on teh frame build, I hate to admit, but the Civia doesn’t have the best fork for a bunch of weight. Maybe I’m just not used to the sensation. Maybe it’s that strange for every fork? But I suspect that rake and fork bend play into the handling when a rack is involved.

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