Broad Street Artwork

There is a strip of buildings on Broad that a friend of mine had told me were all owned by one developer out of DC. I am pretty sure this is that strip and from what he had said to me, city leaders were pretty pissed that these buildings have just sat for so long with no investment being made in them. To that effect I am unsure if these are installations that the city had put on the buildings to pretty things up of if the developer made these improvements as a way to placate leaders who would like to see some action on development in this area. Either way, these huge paintings are worth a look if you get a chance to ride down broad street.


One thought on “Broad Street Artwork

  1. I think those were done as a part of “Hands On Greater Richmond”. And boy, are they beautiful. Better than what was there by far. You are right about the buildings being owned by the same developer…they did have to do some stabilization work, but are basically being SL-O-W-L-Y renovated one bldg at a time, who knows when the entire thing will be finished? Five years? Ten years? I think they are just trying to wait out the recession in hopes that they can get something online after the rental market picks back up.

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