Street scene Raleigh Mixte-UPGRADED!

Here is the same Raleigh that had been sighted in front of the YMCA now spotted at Dominion downtown on Cary street with a Brooks or similar leather toolbag attached to the saddle! Although I don’t know the owner I love seeing the same bicycles around knowing very well that they are being ridden! Perhaps we meet again….


2 thoughts on “Street scene Raleigh Mixte-UPGRADED!

  1. I drool over those saddle bags, and want one to go with my commuter, but need a waterproof something or other, and those are usually not as classy looking, defeating the purpose for me.
    Also thinking about getting a decent handlebar bag, but again, same dilemma.

    1. Brandon….check out the post I did on the Zimbale bags….other than the bird crap that is now on mine it is really awesome, super retro looking with the canvas and leather and supposedly waterproof. I really like the saddlebag because it isn’t very intrusive but really holds a lot of stuff because of the design. A handlebar bag is nice but can affect ones steering so you always have to keep that and interference with brakes, shifters, ect in mind. Finally, if you need a fully waterproof setup, I’m a believer that the only thing truly waterproof is usually gear made for canoeing, kayacking, etc. Otterbox and similar dry bags (I have a 60 liter version of this bag, nothing gets wet in it but not sure if the 10L is small enough to fit in a canvas saddlebag) inside of whichever bag you choose would be the way to go for full waterproofness in horrid conditions but in anything less than mega-storms I could see the Zimbale bag I have being pretty much dry anyway….You have fenders on your Civia too right? All the better.

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