Bike barn-Storage Ideas

I think I may have done a post on this before but when you make cycling your primary transport you can find yourself needing a place to keep your bicycles. This winter I planned out and built a barn for my yard tools and bicycles so they were covered and so I could use my shed as a workspace for indoor and outdoor projects that either needed to stay totally sheltered from the elements or locked up. The barn is basically 4×4 posts with two sheets of plywood and some roofing paper all sheathed in boards from pallets (@free). It’s not complete but it does provide a dry place for the families bicycles and frees up room in the shed as well. Now I have no problem heading to my “garage” in the morning and pulling out my choice of steed to head to work. Also, seeing the sun glisten on my steel rides in the AM simply drives me to hop on one and start breathing the fresh crisp air. If you are lucky enough to have a yard, building a space to house your equipment and bikes is essential as a tool to complete other projects. Just like a good bike rack at work adds security for cycle commuters, so too does a good storage place at ones home.


5 thoughts on “Bike barn-Storage Ideas

    1. Good point but the German Sheppard isn’t in the photograph either. These days with the weather like it is, I have been sleeping outside too so they gotta get past me first, then the dog, then the chain.

      Also I have a moat with sharks with lasers on their heads.

      1. good point about the German Shepherd; I certainly wouldn’t want to tangle with one. I figure our pug couldn’t even keep someone from stealing anything inside our house, let alone outside of it. The kamikazi squirrels just might, though.

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