Big Time Policy Stuff

For most of us it is simply too burdensome to be actively involved in our community to the degree we would like. I have found that mainly people are too busy with their own lives to carry the torch and make it happen. This isn’t a criticism it’s simply the state of our society that we can’t find the time to be active in the things we really need to be. That being said Mike over at Ride alerted me to a VDOT meeting coming up on the 18th of MAY that is a forum for discussing VDOT’s 6 year plan. This type of forum is exactly the type of thing designed FOR YOUR INPUT! We need to be out there (if you aren’t busy making the kids dinner, actually bring the kids and feed them PB&J’s for a night) making our voices heard. Go here to see the VDOT press release or you can find information at RIDERICHMOND.NET.

Also, bike to work day is coming up (well for those of us who don’t bike to work every day) and we need to be cycling in the streetz. Meetup is in Monroe Park at 7:15am to meet with the Mayor and other dignitaries…c u there.


One thought on “Big Time Policy Stuff

  1. My cycling team is also co-hosting an event with the Ashland PD on Saturday the 14th (fingers crossed for decent weather), gearing the community up for Bike to Work Week.
    info on our website:

    I’m not sure if I can make the Monroe Park ride this year. I came out two years ago, but that was when I lived in the city.

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