New camera application

I blog with an IPhone because it is simply too easy. As such I got a new camera app today and went ahead and tried out some of the features. I’ll try and incorporate more of them in the photographs I take to make the site a little more interesting.


4 thoughts on “New camera application

    1. Note to self….disable Amy’s comment approval….lol. New toy you know…still figuring it out.

  1. Oh, I thought you were going for artistic realism. Although at least I can’t see the pollen in my headlamp in the evenings like I could the past few weeks. that was gross when you can see just how thick the air was with the stuff.

  2. @Amy – LOL, see, I was thinking smog filter. 🙂

    So, what is this new camera app? I’m pretty much blogging from the iphone now too. It’s just too damn easy and is making me a lazy photographer! But when you don’t have to download from the camera and photochop then upload I can’t help it.

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