All you have to do is drop your car and start riding a bike. Yes that is how much of a raise you would get if you didn’t incur the expenses of driving every year and this is an average so for some of you it may be more. $4 an hour! For real, who can afford not to do it? The data is according to the AAA website of average costs of car ownership per year but ECOVELO did the math based on the current cost of a gallon of gasoline (it was around $2.60 at the end of the year when AAA did their estimates) and came up with the $4 an hour number based on a full-time 2080 hours a year work schedule and 15,000 miles of driving. $10,000 a year, why that’s a down payment on a house…for me the costs are less obviously and $10,000 is a number for someone who is probably never going to read this website but doesn’t it feel great to be paying yourself and your community rather than an oil company, insurance company, or foreign entity? I feel like I am fighting terrorism already.