Hell’s Bells

Yesterday I finally had a chance to repair my exceedingly favorite bicycle (green Nashbar) from the mechanical the occurred to me a week or two ago. This is why I have more than one bicycle cause I’m a boy and we break stuff. Really the included bolts with the nashbar portuer rack were the lowest quality available and simply rattled out from crossing cobblestone areas and riding the high-water trail on the southside of Belle Isle. Once they were gone everything came apart and I walked home. I got some new bolts from Chip at Pibbies bike store and they ended up being slightly too long and I ended up having to shim everything up with washers from the hardware store but I’m glad it happened as I feel much more confident in the setup now anyway.

Secondly, I had bought two new bells as my one brass bell actually broke (again, how the F I break this stuff I dunno but it was one of the brass bells with a spring fob that dings. I assume that the spring simply snapped from metal fatigue, again at the hands of cobblestones) and with the addition of this bike (albeit months ago) to the stable I needed a second bell. I commute year round but when the weather gets nice the foot traffic on my regular commute goes from 1 guy in the winter (Tim Barry from Avail actually, he’s always jogging his dog by the river on cold mornings) to hundreds of people. Even with the near ubiquity of the iPod I still wanna try and let people know I’m coming up and screaming “LEFT” is so impersonal. Actually, I get quite a lot of comments on the bell from pedestrians and the like both because they appreciate it and it has such a pleasant “DING DING!” ringer to it.

In other traffic news I was in my first bike traffic jam today! Oh how Richmond has changed from 1998 but this city is really starting to get it I think….I’m sure the General Assembly is debating how to use all the money saved from road repairs on parking decks for VCU.


3 thoughts on “Hell’s Bells

  1. So upon reading this, I got “Simple Song” from 4am Friday going through my head.
    I’m seriously debating putting a bell on my commuter. I don’t get any foot traffic on my ride, so it may not do me any more good than a simple shout of “on yer left!” or “rider up!” would take care of. I have one on the MTB for obvious reasons.
    Glad the bike is fixed.

    1. Brandon,

      Dude…I am totally not ignoring you first of all….I swear I will e-mail you just things is so crazy right now I haven’t had any time….wanna come by my place tonight actually or meet up around town? 5:15pm? Ok…with that out of the way I have no idea what song your talking about but if it isn’t a classic I haven’t heard it just cause I don’t get out much. Second….way to work all your ridez onto ECOVELO….pretty good blog…really like some of the stats and stuff on there…not too fond of his purchase of a new bike just to blog on….I woulda gone the find an old frame, repaint/powder coat, all new parts route but his reader/ his blog/ his choice. Third get the bell….when we link up you’ll see it works great…First day out today and I did lunch at Belle Isle. Some dude was like “hardy har har…yaw mang…dats thu way to do it…man dem bells is nice…Varina, whut bitch.” and I was like yea…honky. Do it up…how bout some buttwiper beers? Either way, day one and I am already getting comments again even from the cave-honky set which I am pretty dumbfounded by of course. Maybe they’ll start to worship French constructuers rather than Full size Chevy Blazers, 33″ super swampers, got a 350 bored out in er’, talking lift kit, body lift, full headers, and a bumper to hold my fishin’ rodz….2×12″ tweeters….thumpin’……whut. OK so you got me…I did have a full size Blazer….and if they made one that got good gas mileage I might get another, but I digress….so I have some free time this evening….wanna talk bikes and drink beer? Bring your lock…I left mine at home by accident today….whut, Varina…word honky.

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