German Engineering

Today’s post (I know I said I am on a hiatus but I just love posting!) comes to you all the way from Europe! No it’s not Sergio Ramos dropping the kings cup trophy under the bus by accident (look it up, if you are a soccer fan like me and not a friend of Real Madrid, you’ll laugh) or a statement from the owners of Red Bull energy drink in Austria bowing in deference to DC United, the greatest football club in the world in recognition of how we are going to slaughter their team, the New Jersey Pink Cows, in a match tonight. Rather it is bicycle related (unlike any of the information I just posted above) and has to do with some trail to some towns or something…I dunno, I live in Richmond but I thought it appropriate on the heels of the governors announcement yesterday that we needed to borrow $2.6 BILLION dollars for more road improvements. Gerald McCarthy, a member of the transportation board and representative of the Virginia environmental Endowment says “it’s good to get some dirt moving…highways repaired and bridges replaced” so clearly he is representing his organizations mission quite effectively as nothing says protect the environment like auto traffic. I can’t even make the sh1t up better than they feed us this tripe at the feeding stall and fois gras the bullshit down our throats faster than a speeding, well, a speeding automobile commuter. Follow the links I’ve provided on how to borrow money, pave shit over, go into debt, and lie through your teeth all in one day. Otherwise, below is a description of some real infrastructure improvements I’d like to see that would cost way less and would probably be at least marginally better for the environment. Text below is direct from the email my buddy sent from Germany:

Hey, check out the sick whip I rented, a Garelli. The guy’s letting me keep it until August for only €20. It’s super rusty and crusty looking, but it rides great and has good tires. I actually rode it 20km today with a bunch of other peeps from school. I posed it in front of a 500 year old castle for authenticity.

There’s also a pic of the trail map for the “Ilmtal Radwanderweg” which is a great bicycle touring route along the Ilm River here in Thüringen. It’s part of the larger “Thüringer Städtekette” (Thuringia Town Chain) which is a bike path that connects 6 towns in the state. It would be like the Capital Trail if it went from Williamsburg to Staunton. The site is in German, but you can open it in Google Chrome and it will automatically translate to English:


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