Cycling and fishing.

Last fall I brought you a post on some of the trails in Petersburg that run adjacent to the Appomattox river. This week I’m staying in Petersburg and I brought my fishing pole in addition to the bike (which pretty much goes everywhere anyway). I’ve figured out how to bring my pole along when I ride and taking a trip around town this town has to include the river and as such an afternoon of relaxing has to include beer and fishing (and bikes). I’m pretty much sold on p-burg or p-town or whatever it’s called. While Richmond is great and all, the price and pace of living here is pretty hard to beat. For a multimodal commuter looking to work downtown but find affordable housing the bus will take you from downtown Petersburg to Richmond in 25 min for $3. For me, it would be free as my work would pay for it since I don’t have a parking space assigned to me (lol, like I’d want one with free bus rides!). The housing stock here is simply amazing, and in my opinion possibly the best on the east coast for the price if not the best in the entire country. I’m talking under 100k for properties that are huge and 200 years old. Yes, many areas are simply abandoned but as Ft. Lee gets more money pumped into it this place will certainly improve. If you didn’t spend some time here you might think it is just a ghetto but really it’s more like it’s just forgotten and needs some love… love.


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