Bicycle Corridors

While I am still waiting for Richmond to catch up and paint some stupid sharrows and a bike lane or two (apparently according to the city auditor we are wasting the money for the paint on non-functional lighting at the mayors “youth camp”) the adventure cycling association has managed to come up with this sweet map of trans-continental bicycle routes… if I could just get a functional trail between the 21st street entrance to the James River Park and Belle Isle.

Not able to insert a PDF apparently. Go here to see plus I linked it above.



5 thoughts on “Bicycle Corridors

  1. It looks like route 76 goes from Richmond out onto the Middle Peninsula, is that right? Seems odd that they would not route it along the Capital Trail to Williamsburg. Maybe there is existing signage already?

    1. Not exactly, it goes to Yorktown but no it dosen’t parallel the Cap trail….from Yorktown it travels to Williamsburg and then through to New Kent and up to Ashland totally bypassing Richmond. The bike route 76 signage is up all across the state and I think that is the reason that this PDF shows the trail as being complete in Virginia.

  2. Oh and speaking of maps, I picked up a waterproof map of the entire “Ilmtal-Radwanderweg” bike trail today. It’s about 125km from Ilmenau to Naumberg (Weimar is in the middle) and the map shows in detail every restaurant, gasthaus, and tourist attraction on the route. The trail is a well-signed 3m-wide path that generally follows the Ilm River. It’s an ingenious piece of infrastructure and I’ve been amazed at how many cycle tourists use it everyday. Virginia could experience a real tourism renaissance with trails like this one, we should get to work on that ASAP!

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