The evolution of cycle Cultr

Ah 2010…the VCU rams were obscure and meaningless as a basketball team, cycling to work was a quiet affair, and Slaughter-Rama was still a force to be reckoned with. The growing pains that success can bring are beginning to be all to familiar for this city and it’s residents. What now that we have vacated the final four of the tournament of Madness in March and what now that the greatest cycle event the city has ever encountered is defunct? The time comes when we all must move on to bigger or in the case of Slaughterama, smaller, things. While I never went to this cycle event turned day of debauchery in my entire time here (I basically enjoyed it from the confines of the streetz and porches of O-Hill anyway) I am still disheartened to see it go. Yes, the reincarnation has occurred and small gatherings will continue to take place but to see such an organically successful event simply die out because neither organizers nor participants really want (I guess) to see a formally recognized version of the greatest April Fools joke launched on the city is a true travesty. In fact, we have that formal event and it’s called Dominion RiverRock (a name more contrived really wasn’t available) and no one wants to go (save Dominion employees who fear for their jobs and their safety when they travel downtown without the protection afforded them by big glossy banners and other hideous pageantry created by their marketing dept) because it is wholly contrived and unappealing for the rowdy Richmonders who have rightfully earned their distinction of wanting and expecting more than corporate tents and polo shirts. Yes we have that event and it’s called the strawberry hill races (which is coming soon I believe) but for the city we still crave the urban grittiness of a Slaughterama or a Bike Kill. I know it can be difficult for families and the affluent isolationists to comprehend but there is a vein of subversion which actually drives many of the creative aspects of the city and adds a value to life here that far exceeds the costs of a couple porta-potties, a river rescue or two, and the need for a little security. Additionally, although even harder to digest for the bike “clubs” (not a gang) is the realization (as I’ve stated here before) that at some point the beer and weed fueled party has to be financed somehow and assimilation in some regard is probably the best way to make that happen. No it won’t be an event you really want to attend any longer but from my understanding Slaughterama has died because it became and event you didn’t want to attend any longer. I consider it a shame that more couldn’t be done to save the city from protecting itself from itself (like richmonds finest tried to accomplish with tear gas at VCU on Saturday) and now we will unfortunately have to wait for some other subversive set of creative types to stimulate our senses with a organic gathering of biological organisms (I mean the microbiological world of the inside of a hipster shoe) to facilitate our resistance to the sterile world we seek to impose on ourselves and try to make interesting with a little help from the corporate marketing department. Although not directly culpable, we must thank the city leaders who guide us for failing to have vision enough to see that no formally organized government, corporate entity, or PR dept. will ever be as successful as a couple of kids on bikes simply out to have a good time and doing so without the need to ask for permission. This truly reflects how bike culture is superior to the auto in the inherent nature of the freedom from vehicle registration, licensing, and rules of the road. While cyclists may opt to obey as we all do for the purposes of harmonious living, no one wants to be forced to in the name of “entertainment”. I don’t know about you, but I rarely goto the DMV for thrills and as such, you won’t be seeing me at any corporate river event. Rest in peace cycle Slaughterama, may you resurrect next April through the hands and through the miracles of that guy on your flyer.


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