1 Mile Freeway $= $ Entire Bike Infrastructure Portland, Oregon

That’s right. For those who don’t know Portland, Oregon has developed the distinction of being very progressive in the area of transportation infrastructure with miles and miles of amenities for cyclists to choose their bicycle over a car as a means to commute to work. They also have one of the largest percentages of commuters riding to work on their bicycles to work each day. So while we languish here in Virginia trying to find a way to sell our ABC stores to find some funding for the transportation projects planned across the state (BTW- Philosophically, I agree, selling liquor is not a core function of government, but neither is welfare for auto users make them pay for their own roads) other localities have begun to develop progressive cost saving plans to implement alternative mode share options for their commuters at much reduced costs in infrastructure than we pay for the privilege of sitting in traffic.  Portland’s Mayor estimated a total cost of $60 million to replace the cycling infrastructure in the city, about the cost of one mile of 4 lane divided highway or if you live in Springfield and travel the Mixing bowl, about 1/10 the cost of one mile of highway.


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