Forest Hill Ave Improvement Meeting

Last week was the community meeting on the Forest Hill Ave improvements that have been proposed. My wife was kind enough to watch the children while I went over to see what all the fuss is about. Regardless of your position on the improvements (I’m in favor of the plan) it was great to see these two plus several other cyclists out to gauge their positions on the improvements. I didn’t ride the bike there as it was a Thursday and I have other two wheel commitments on Thursday nights.

Also the cat is out of the bag about my two wheel travels and I must admit the days I don’t post I’m not commuting by bicycle. I do maintain a two wheel connection though and Hills and Heights has posted a picture up of how I do that on their site. Cycling is primarily the way to go for me but with two little ones, sometimes I gotta rush to daycare and even though it’s normally not a lot faster to do so on two (motorized) wheels at least once a week I do and I can save about 15min. I don’t actually ride the scooter to the daycare, riding with two kids on a scoot isn’t really kosher but rather I pick up the cage and scoop the seeds from their day attendants….multi-modal indeed. FYI….obviously I rode today and although sloppy it’s awesome outside!


4 thoughts on “Forest Hill Ave Improvement Meeting

  1. I do love me a scooter now and then. Since I can’t pick up a real motorcycle if I were to drop it. This is more my style though. 🙂

    1. Yeah I got photos of you guys and I dunno if you saw but a lady came in full lycra as well…..Nice Bike BTW!

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