Something about the time change

It really bugs me. I don’t mind the hour less/more of sleep but I consider it in-human to have to wake up, shower off, fix coffee, kick(feed) the dog, etc all before the sun comes up…thankfully this time of year while this is the situation there can be some rewards.


2 thoughts on “Something about the time change

  1. The darkness is the suck part. But I love it. Birds are going crazy for food on the ground, it’s one more step toward spring, and the best part is that the sun isn’t quite above the treeline. Sunrises are beautiful, but the security of knowing that I’m more visible with blinky lights at dawn as opposed to riding into the sun, and sensing the guy driving up my ass is just as blinded by it is a shaky feeling sometimes.
    This morning was an excellent morning to do it by bike. So was yesterday. And tomorrow will be too.

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