RVA to Austin skyline

Richmond wins in the bodies of water department for sure. I saw some pictures from James River news hub this AM and at 12 feet the James looks raging…Austin’s skyline is pretty nice. The commute in is all downhill for me to downtown than a 1-2 mile mildly uphill climb…my steed here is a 1×8 Fuji pos. I think it was supposed to have several chainrings but it dosen’t now for sure. Overall, commuting by bicycle isn’t as sexy or glamorous as it may seem on the Internet. I don’t read blogs about commuting by car ( but I will research if they exsist) but I do write one about bicycle commuting but either way your really just going to work. Overall though, the novelty of seeing things at 10mph is a perspective that most people don’t have. When you slow it down you can really get a feel for the environment around you. I already feel a part of the community here but if I was riding in a taxi every morning I’d be familiarized with the interior of a Crown Victoria. I like this better.


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