Lance Armstrong

No I’m no huge Lance fan, yes I think he’s a cheat but that controversy aside (I didn’t all of a sudden disown baseball because they cheat; no one on my favorite team, the perennially terrible Baltimore Orioles who obviously aren’t cheating as evidenced by their record) he still raged it and anyhow they all cheat with dope anyway. Mellow johnnys bike store in Austin has tons of lance memorabilia, here is some for your pleasure.


4 thoughts on “Lance Armstrong

  1. They all cheat?!
    Hah. I know. I say bring back the original rules of the tour when they rode fixed gear bikes and there were no sag wagons and team vehicles, and it was every man for himself. I read a story where a rider broke a fork on the top of the mountain, had to hike down to the base to find a blacksmith, he fixed his own fork, and hiked back to the top to finish the stage. I say do that, modern tour people.

  2. That Team Radio Shack jersey is so ugly it’s retro cool. I do feel partial to the ‘old’ Trek logo, though.

  3. Yeah Amy they have those for sale actually in the store. Retro cool for sure…I am looking for a souvenir but I’m not really thinking I’ll be buying and Radio Shack tiny hats and Lycra.

    Ok, so not everyone cheats and I was painting with a broad brush. I agree with you though which I why I enjoy Randonneuring. I had heard that similar story about a guy breaking a fork in the Paris-Brest-Paris in the early 1900’s. He got a child to fan the flames of the fire at a blacksmiths shop and was apparently disqualified for having “assistance” during the race! Crazy! Sorry I missed your fundraiser Brando…family time…I’ll be at the next one.

  4. Randonneuring is the balls.
    I’m widdling down the car collection to just one, and with the money I make, I’m buying a new Civic Bryant, fully commuter ready, and a Surly Bill. So you’ll catch me riding to a few local MTB races on my commuter hauling my mountain bike and gear on the trailer. I might bomb the race, but I’ll go down in flames as a badass with a sweet rig. So far one other team member is on board to participate in this idiocy. Might as well use my roof rack for something, now that I don’t have a roof!

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