Katakura Silk rebuild

A couple months ago I had built this bicycle frame up from parts I had on other bikes. Those parts are now committed to other frames I have in permanent usage mainly on the green Nashbar Toure XC frame I rage. Following the brevet a couple weeks ago I decided I wanted to go ahead and permanently build this frame up as my lightest, fastest, most modern build for a slightly more sprightly ride for spring and summer but without any of the compromises I would make buying a new “road” bike. No harsh aluminum or low grade components for this one and a drivetrain that matches my preferences. 11-34t SRAM rear cassette, XT mech, and compact crank make this more like a modern mountain bike setup drivetrain and I plan on using it on some climbs this summer. Down the road I am thinking of having a portuer rack powder coated black and dyeing a canvas handlebar bag black as well with some sweet patches attached of course. Also these tires will have to go but for now I am saving cash by using these mismatch Schwalbe/Vittoria mix.

Additionally, another Silk owner private messaged me over on bike forums and visited the framebuilder over the weekend! Too crazy I know but he did so somewhere around Tokyo where the guy still runs a bike store and found out mine is likely a 1984 and wasn’t probably red to begin with.

Finally, I’ll be out of town this week in Austin TX for work and I have arranged a place to stay that includes a bicycle which I’m sure will be a real peice…I’ll be sure to take some photos but probably won’t be posting too much. Hopefully it’ll quit raining and I’ll be able to take this girl out next weekend to stretch her cables out…until then, rage it!


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