NAHBS First Photos

Reposting the link to Urban Velo who is at it again posting the first images from NAHBS in Austin this year. Many of you should remember the event being here last year..wish I was in Austin and had $10,000 to burn.




4 thoughts on “NAHBS First Photos

  1. A guy from my race team is all up in that! He actually ran the damn thing last year in Richmond, so Don Walker invited him to do the same in Austin. I told him to get me some swag and enough stickers to cover the beer fridge in my garage.
    I had a great time when it was in town. I wish I had the vacation time and cash to burn this year to go. But baby needs diapers.

    1. Actually I know who your talking about. I think he works at Rowletts correct? Good for him he got to produce the thing in Austin too. Thats the way it seems like any industry works, build up a rep and there you go….get me some swag too BTW….hehe! MIght see you guys on Friday as well at Blanchards… forthcoming.

  2. Matt used to work at Blanchards, yes. Different career path nowadays. And I spoke to him last night, turns out that he didn’t produce this years show. Only got the VIP invite. But last year was his gig.
    It’d be cool to meet you tomorrow. You’ll have to introduce yourself if you come by. Both Matt and I are hardcore commuters, so we’ll be riding there and back. Meeting at his house in Lakeside and making the trip to Blanchards. Me on a fixie, he on a Penny Farthing!
    (Note, I would love to make the entire trip by bicycle, but the thought of having to navigate Rt 1 all the way back to Ashland at 10-11pm is intimidating. The back roads are equally intimidating at night, and throw in a bunch of drunks on the road, and hell no. I’ll do half the trip and drive the rest.)

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