Street scene, homemade portuer

In days long gone, newspapers (where people read stuff before the internet) were delivered by bicycle. These days people have all kinds of things they need to transport around and the portuer rack has become a popular manner in which to do so. I don’t know that I would feel so confident carrying 50lbs+ on a low spoke count bladed wheelset but certainly some books and a lunch should be fine. Look closely and you will see the finely crafted homemade rack on the front of this bicycle.


5 thoughts on “Street scene, homemade portuer

  1. Wow…tiny chainring…green platform pedals…that bike has all kinds of things going on. Makes me wonder if it’s used for towing a trailer or something. Love the electrical tape cable clamps, too. I like that frame a lot, though. The rack almost looks like it’s made out of the frame of an old suitcase or something. Very ingenious all around. Love seeing customizations that you know are either a ‘use what you have’ and/or for very specific uses of the bike.

    1. Yea the Green Pedals really set this off….again if I was on a desert isle I may stab my eyes out with my whale bone knife at the sight of this…but that’s a personal preference…I love the drive train though…I didn’t want to move the bike but the small chain ring with a 8 or 9 speed in the back seems so straightforward and simple whats not to love.Also, obviously I love the lugged Japanese frame….most of my bikes are Made in Japan as well. As far as the rack goes it looks like an exact copy of this one:

    2. What I don’t care for is the threadless stem adapter on a threaded fork…they make quill stems for swept back bars…why ugly up your bike like this but maybe this was just what they had.

      1. My thoughts exactly….it looks a little wonky but I’m sure it works better than it looks.

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