Drop Bar Mountain Bike Action!

Uh huh…it seems so bizarre doesn’t it? A MTB with a drop bar? When I first started getting into something other than BMX bikes the MTB fad had just started to hit hard…no road bike had indexed shifting that could slam you around trails and big old tires you could comfortably ride over children obstacles with, but here we are 2011 and the combination of a drop bar with a 26″ wheel bike is one that seems to be coming back around. I would even venture to say (at the risk of being totally unhip, except in bike polo circles) that I kinda prefer the 26″ wheel bicycle in many instances and I am a 6’3″ Clydesdale who legitimately uses a frame size that accommodates a 700c wheel appropriately(at least according to Grant Peterson who I worship the same as every other retro-grouch). Now that I have made a reference to G.P. :

and this:

One of these:

So there you go MIke….anything is possible and actually was quite popular “back in the day”. Your quest to turn my old bicycle into something you can be proud of is a noble one….and I am just happy it has a good home. R.I.P or Rest in Petersburg for you that don’t know where Mike lives. So long little wheeled buddy:



3 thoughts on “Drop Bar Mountain Bike Action!

  1. Greetings from the COCKade City,

    The “Gooze” wil R.I.P. so long as it doesn’t get stolen. Otherwise it will probably become a commuter bike for some stikman. Thanks again for the wheels and for steering me into the G.P. direction. I’ll be ripping up some creeks in a full tuck on the drops in no time.
    You going to the trail days on Belle island this weekend? If so, I might see you up in Northside Petersburg.

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