Who am I?

As Snoop Dogg has said in the past what’s my name, or something to that effect. It’s the end of 2010 and a new decade is dawning. I clearly remember both when I ushered in the 1990’s (I was 10, my dad made a big deal of the decade change) and the night of the millennium change. In a week or two we are going to be hitting 2011 and the world is still spinning.

I started this blog because I like cycling and I think getting more people involved is the way to positively change where you at. This isn’t new for me and I’m not going anywhere. I was at my friends house last night and there was a picture of me from our old house on the fridge, we had a hardline telephone. Archaic dude. All the other people I lived with at that house bailed, nothing against that but they just aren’t here anymore and I am. What does that mean, well for me I decided this is it, for all the wanderlust of travel, the idealism of action, and the fresh awakening of new scenery my scenery will only change if I change it here and now. 2011 is going to be the bomb bra, and I am the fuse.

I looked around at some other bike blogs in the city, and city blogs on bicycles, and you know what, where are their posts? Not there not here not anywhere, why….because it isn’t cool anymore so they moved on either to another fad or another town or another hobby. I’m guilty too but what really stuck with me was an article I found written in 2002 from when I ran for city council and the fact that I was attributed as having advocated for bike lanes or cycling infrastructure or similar. So while I am slowing down it’s only to take in a better view as we keep moving on. Times is hard, people are sleeping in the streets, things aren’t getting better and we are too complacent with how we as a community address this. Sure, international issues, wars and national dilemmas are curiosities to discuss over beers with friends, but the safety of my neighbors, the health and education of their children, and the condition of my community are all we have now. Make no mistake the world has globalized, and let’s not forget our piece is in need of the same persistent work and dedication as anywhere else because none of the glory seekers, greedy money and power grabbers and trendsetters will wake up tomorrow and make their positive contributions if we don’t force our positive vision upon them and take stock of who we are.

Until now I haven’t relayed who I am beyond the words I write. I like it that way because I am just ordinary and that is perfect. What it does not do though is be fair to you, the readers, and be fair to my mission, improve my community. I am Will Jacobs, age 30 born in Leesburg Virginia, resident of the great City of Richmond for 12 years. I am here for you. We will make this a better place to live. Here is the article link from punchline magazine which I found online. I am still going to be here in 8 more years and hopefully I will read this and be inspired. Hopefully it won’t be that long before you do the same. In fairness I have waited to long and been too selfish by not working harder now. I apologize in advance and promise more in 2011. Won’t you join me?


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